SounDrama Studio is a team of like-minded musicians, composers, choreographers, actors, and sound designers.


  • Produces its own theatre;
  • participates in various performances and stage projects;
  • constantly experiments;
  • is open to collaboration.

SounDrama Studio finds its roots in music: it is through music that the studio is able to adapt itself to any other form of art. It is not by chance that the founders of the studio are also the musicians from the “Pan Quartet” music group. The artistic director and leader of SounDrama is the musician, actor, and director Vladimir Pankov. In 2003, the studio had its first premiere “By the Red Thread”, marking the birth of the studio’s existence. The studio was gradually joined by other actors, musicians, and choreographers which enabled the studio to embark on its own independent creative life. Working precisely at the boundary where musical theater and dramatic action meet has given the studio its name, and together with that name, its own genre; SounDrama.

SounDrama today is, in the first place, a team ready to undertake any search or experiment in the world of art. The interests of the studio are not limited to theatre, music, and film, but also extend to seminars and improv-performances – inseparable parts of the life of the studio.

Participating in new SounDrama projects over the course of several years traditionally implied a readiness for ever-changing spaces, adapting to new theatres and stages, and the constant flow of new people into the collective. Not having a permanent home, SounDrama has always strived to achieve a unity of style in any theatre or space.

Every year the studio premieres new shows, participates in international projects, goes on tour, composes new music for film and other theatres, organizes its own concerts – in short, SounDrama lives a full and prolific creative life.

Vladimir Pankov, Artistic Director of the Studio: “The most important thing about SounDrama is that it is a collective process; here nothing is canonical, each individual brings their own contributions, their own imagination – it is a complete improvisation out of which a work of art is formed. Artists do not come here to make money, but to work from their heart, their zeal is most important. SounDrama is open to actors, designers, musicians, ballet-dancers, sound designers. It is only starting to gain momentum.”

Studio SounDrama